Ninh Binh Cuisine

Savour the light taste of the mountain snails in Ninh Binh
Things that draw people to Ninh Binh are not only its rich culture and history or its heavenly natural beauty but also the refined cuisine of the ancient capital. In Ninh Binh beside famous specialities such as goat meat and scorched rice, tourists are also tempted by mountain snail – a dish with a rather sweet taste mixed with a strange ....
Gia Vien tiny shrimp sauce – An attractive rustic dish
Ninh Binh is not only famous for its long historical values ​​and beautiful landscapes that have been recognized as the World Cultural and Natural Heritage but also for delicious food and is the ideal choice in every tourist journey of near and far travelers. In addition to the famous specialties such as rice crust, goat meat ... Gia Vien tiny ....
Top 5 specialty dishes in Ninh Binh
The famous specialties in Ninh Binh which are famous throughout the country are always a hot topic for every tourist coming to Ninh Binh. In fact, cuisine in Ninh Binh is very rich and diverse, but the following 5 delicious dishes in Ninh Binh are considered "specialties" not to be ....
Lai Thanh wine
Lai Thanh is a rural area locating at the south pole of Kim Son district, which possesses various specialties like Tam Xoan rice, nep mua (mua sticky rice), nep hoa cau (areca sticky rice), etc. Among them, the most well-known is the so-called Lai Thanh wine rice that is distilled from rice planted in Lai Thanh commune. The ferment, which is used ....
Rare Goat
Tai De or Rare goat is a specialty food in Ninh Binh. The limestone moutains of Hoa Lu are shelter of these free-ranging domestic goats( the wild moutain goat in Viet Nam, the serow capriconis sumatraensis is strictly protected and very rare ). The moutain breeding goats are caught, plucked, well burnt, disemboweled and mixed with holly basil or ....
Yen Mac fermented pork roll ( Nem Chua Yen Mac)
Nem Chua has been made for such along time. The number of locals in Yen Mac who can make this kind of nem chua is not large because the work requires not only secret formule but also passion for the work. The production process need to be strictly followed; the finished fermented pork rolls ensure high quality, good taste, fresh colors, even ....
Gia Vien tiny shrimp sauce
As a plain district. Gia Vien's locals have long been fond of making " mam tep ", which is processed from tiny shrimp.
Com Chay ( Rice Crust)
Com Chay ( Rice Crust) is a special dish of Ninh Binh. However it does not mean the burn rice at the bottom of the pot.
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