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Discover Gia Thuy pottery village in Ninh Binh

Update: 18-09-2019 09:23:08
Discover Gia Thuy pottery village in Ninh Binh
Gia Thuy pottery village is located in Gia Thuy commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, is a traditional pottery village with more than 50 years of age, not only preserved traditional cultural values but also contributed to the local economic development, creating jobs for hundreds of craftsmen.
To make a complete ceramic product, the workman must do many stages and the role of every stage is important. Even the simple stage of preparing the land require craftsmen to be meticulous, skilled, observant and creative.

The reason that Gia Thuy was chosen to develop pottery because it has the characteristic clay, suitable for making pottery. The specialty of Gia Thuy pottery is made from yellow brown clay, which is available locally and only in craft villages. This soil type has high cohesion, smoothness and good heat resistance. When collected, the soil will be dried, smashed and then put into the immersion tank. Then, use the machine to stir and then scoop through the sieve. Decant the water above, take out the frozen soil and bring it to dry, until it reaches enough flexibility to bring it to work. Exposing the soil also requires great carefulness, because if it is too dry or too wet, it will be difficult to shape. Therefore, craftsmen must regularly observe the dryness of the soil.

After drying, the soil will be brought into the factory to make more puree to create more glue and more smooth when molding. Through the skillful hands of a skilled craftsmen, the soil has transformed itself into shape, into blocks, has a pleasant outline and hides the soul of Gia Thuy craftsman. Depending on the type of product, the worker will mold the soil according to different patterns. Usually, to make jars, big jars, craftsmen will shape the soil into long and round fibers so that it can be easier to put on the turntable. It is also important to keep firewood in the kiln. To produce beautiful and quality products, the firing process plays a decisive role. If during the firing process, the craftsman does not adjust the fire and the temperature appropriately, the product will curve, warp or crack, etc.

Inheriting the quintessence of visual arts, the cultural characteristics of ancient land, Gia Thuy pottery craftsmen know how to create pottery products that not only serve daily life but also honor the unique cultural values. Experiencing many ups and downs, Gia Thuy pottery still stands and grows stronger. Products are consumed domestically and exported to foreign countries.
source: Hai Van, Photo: Xuan Lam
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