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One day experience in Kim Son sedge weaving village

Update: 03-10-2019 10:14:37
One day experience in Kim Son sedge weaving village
Beside the famous Phat Diem stone cathedral, Kim Son district is also famous for growing sedge and making handicrafts from sedge that has existed for a long time. This summer, you should visit Kim Son sedge weaving village to learn more about the work as well as stories about the lives of the people here.
On the land of Kim Son, sea-grass has been here for nearly two centuries. Experiencing many ups and downs of history, hundreds of years of sea dyke encroachment, people here have created vast sedge fields on the mudflats. Seagrass is soft, shiny, it is like a thread connecting the sea with the shore. It is closely connected as part of the life of the laborious people in this sunny and windy land.

According to the local people, the sedge has a rice-growing cycle. Chiem seagrass is harvested in May, Mua sea-grass is harvested in October (lunar calendar). When the flowers blossom on coastal mudflats is also the time when farmers start cutting sedge in the field. The process of growing sedge is similar to that of rice: plowing, cultivating, drying, draining, transplating sedge, weeding, scouring, fertilizing. Freshly harvested sedge is splited, dried and sold in the market, and then woven into mats and sedge products.

In order to have a sedge handicraft product of export standard, the technique of planting and producting Kim Son's sedge is meticulously specific. It is a process that requires accuracy right from the time of planting, harvesting, choosing, spliting, drying and dyeing seagrass. The unique and strange products are created by skillful hands of local craftmen such as hats, sandals, bags, boxes, cups, etc. most of the sedge products must mention sedge mats. Weaving sedge mat is a process of creative labor, this is also an opportunity for Kim Son craftsmen to show off their talents.

Currently, Kim Son sedge products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions. Seagrass now not only helps people have more income to improve their lives, but also proudly affirm their position. With belief and great love for the seagrass weaving, the pride of the homeland, the people here still promote the spirit of conservation, handed down the generations, continue to make the seagrass weaving industry develop stronger.
source: Trans: Hai Van, Photo: Xuan Lam
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