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Phuc Loc carpentry

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Phuc Loc carpentry
Phuc Loc Village in Ninh Phong Ward, the city of Ninh Binh, located in the southeast of the city, the city center about 2 km. The village has a length of 3 km, about 2 km wide, consists of 5 neighbors: Trai hamlet, Ngoai hamlet, Giua hamlet, Trong hamlet and Mo hamlet. Phuc Loc is the land has a history from the Dinh - Le. There is a Buddhist temple called the Temple of loss of self, at the end of the village near neighbor Mo. The temple has unique architecture, beautiful and ancient. Phuc Loc village house in the neighborhood, but not large scale but firmly, the whole black iron wood, experiencing how the fog room. Phuc Loc village temple has been built for a long time to worship the tutelary Jupiter is father of the profession ...

Phuc Loc is on 600 households with a total of over 3,000 inhabitants, including 400 people working in furniture manufacturing. 200 people joined the labor side. Goods produced in Phuc Loc mostly commonly used goods such as beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, armchair, doors, guards, handrails wooden stairs and interior decoration ... and the sample quality very beautiful code, and Phuc Loc also have workers with hands and minds talents, ingenious work creating fine art wood products advanced, sophisticated, elegant traditional style such as tea cabinet, inlaid, collapsed cells, the church, the kind of economic self-serve furniture, festivals, repairing temples, shrines ... with very fine lines engraved cute.
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