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Some significant dishes of rural people in Ninh Binh

Update: 01-10-2018 14:00:08
Some significant dishes of rural people in Ninh Binh
 Ninh Binh is famous for not only Fried Rice (Com Chay), goat meat but also many delicious dishes of rural people in the Citadel area.
 1. Roasted Freshwater Crab with Wild Betal Leafs:

It is a popular dishes of rural people in Ninh Binh with the specific taste of the counstryside food that anyone visiting this citadel area should have in their trip. Freshwater Crabs are rough-wrought carefully while Wild Betal Leafs are fine-shreded. Then, these two ingredients are roasted together in a specific recipe. Because cooks do not use crabs that are raised by man in lake or pond, etc, many table companions are surprised by the special taste of the food. It is the toasted Freshwater Crab in combination with the aromatic flavour of Wild Betal Leafs. It is recommended that table companions should have this kind of food with hot rice to get the best experience.


2. Raw Swarm eel & vegetable:

Swarm eel & vegetable, a speciality in Kim Son has a special aromatic flavour and buttery taste. It is still made of very simple ingredients like cooking many other raw fish & vegetable such as Polyscias fruticosa, Stinkvine and roasted rice powder but this attracts many people thanks to the special taste of Swarm eel. Its name of this kind of fish makes people easily to realize that it is in the “eel” branch with some similarities to animals in this branch. Swarm eel is rough-wrought by using lime-water and then liquid made form burned wood. After that, fish bones are removed and fish meat are cut into slices. Instead of using rice sheet to roll the raw fish like the other types of fish, people in Ninh Binh used the fried fish skin or vegetable to enjoy raw swarm eel & vegetable.


3. Boiled mountainous snail:

Mountainous snail is another speciality in Ninh Binh with the natural sweet taste. It is said that this taste is because these snails eat leaves, grass and some valuable medicinal plants. Therefore, mountainous snail is used to cook various types of food such as grilled mountainous snail or stir-fried mountainous snail with tamarind or stir-fried mountainous snail with garlic.
After being cleaned, mountainous snail is boiled with citronella. It attracts a huge number of people even though it is cooked in very basic way. Table companions may eat snails only to enjoy its natural sweet taste or eat with mixture of fish sauce, lemon, ginger and chilli.

Ninh Binh makes visitors impressed by the ancient beauty of Hoa Lu Citadel or famous scenics such as Trang An, Bai Dinh, Van Long, Tam Coc, etc. Besides, It becomes an atrractive destination thanks to specialities such as Goat meat, Fried Rice (Com Chay) and especially dishes of rural people in the Citadel area.

source: Ngoc Anh - TPC
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