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Tam Coc - Bich Dong lotus season - irresistible fairytale beauty

Update: 23-07-2018 15:21:12
Tam Coc - Bich Dong lotus season - irresistible fairytale beauty
Tam Coc - Bich Dong is located in the World Heritage core area - Trang An Spectacular Complex, which are difficult to ignore the wild and lyrical beauty, like beautiful nature paintings intoxication, which enchants the hearts of people. This place is most beautiful in the season of ripped rice when the Ngo Dong River winds the golden rice fields, hugs the greatly high mountains; but also attracts tourists in the lotus season by the fantastic scenery.
 In Tam Coc, besides a season of rice, there is also a lotus season. The lotus season on the Ngo Dong River begins to bloom in June, lasts through July - the time when people harvested all the rice fields. Lotuses are immersed as far as the eye can see from the edge of the river to the foot of the mountain, lotus leaves spread out widely, and the tall lotus buds are straight up to the sky to make the scene here more poetic and beautiful. In the early morning, when the morning gently weaves the fibers of the sun, the dew drops on the lotus leaves in the fragile vapor as it draped over the chiseled diamonds with sparkling diamonds. The pink lotus blossoms are interwoven in the young green leaves, delicate aroma of immerse mid-green of Tam Coc will make visitors feel refreshed, as well as their souls are cool under the hot sun.

Not far away, Bich Dong Pagoda also puts on its new beauty when the lotus pond at the foot of the mountain blooms. With the rustic and refined beauty, and gentle and pure aroma, although grows from the mud, the lotus is the symbol of Buddhism when representing the non-infection, awakening, loyalty, empathetic joy and equanimity, etc. In particular, the pink lotus is also the supreme symbol and is considered as the true lotus of the Buddha. Coming to Bich Dong in the lotus blossom season, you will see all the wonderful beauty that nature offers. A pink lotus bends at the foot of the pagoda as a soft drawing which not only makes the scene livelier but also exudes a pure serenity and a spiritual direction of the spiritual place. The stately appearance of the ancient temple is hidden between the dark blue of the thousands-year-old limestone mountains, close to the lake with full of fragrant lotus fragrance, resembling wild, mysterious and emotional paintings.

Seasonal blooming lotus is also the most absent season in Tam Coc - Bich Dong, no longer has the scene of the small boats ferrying onward and backward but also due to that, visitors can comfortably enjoy the beautiful scenery of green mountains and blue water, enjoy the feeling of floating and vagueness like being lost in a beautiful and romantic water painting./.

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source: Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Center
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