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Visiting Vu Lam Palace

Update: 21-01-2019 16:48:11
Visiting Vu Lam Palace
Located in Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Vu Lam Palace is an attractive tourist destination to the origin. This was a military base in Tran Dynasty, established to strengthen forces and counter-attack to liberate the country in the war of resistance against the Nguyen-Mong invaders in the 13th century.
 This place is also associated with the fact that kings of Tran Dynasty led a religious life and expanded Buddhism. After visiting all the mysterious caves, watching the mountains of stratosphere, visitors will find infatuated with the majestic and beautiful Phi Van Son strip, there are meandering rivers underneath and the cross-water connecting caves inside when passing through spiritual clusters, especially "Vu Lam Palace" of Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. 


It is said that Tran Thai Tong was the first king of the Tran Dynasty, after the war of resistance against Nguyen-Mong invaders, King Tran Thai Tong gave the throne to his son. On the road of riding horse from the North to the South, passing through Trang An - Ninh Binh, looking to the west, he saw the majestic Phi Van Son strip with beautiful mountains like flying clouds, there were meandering rivers underneath, sparkling silver water, lava caves inside, there are also cross-water connecting caves. Being impressed by strange scenery, beautiful mountains, he sent people to build wooden temples and sculpture statues to worship Buddha to lead a religious life, which is the first point for the construction of Vu Lam Palace.

There is still a site of about 1 pole of land, higher than the field suface which is called Vuon Am. The king built up Thai Vi temple here, recruited the scattered people to reclaim the hamlet, expand the roads, embellish the vital places, get ready with the emergency situation, in case the war of anti-aggression might break out again. Many important meetings of the court, chaired by Tran Thai Tong, were held here. During the second war of resistance against the Nguyen-Mong army in 1285, Vu Lam Palace became a strong miliatry base of the army of the Tran dynasty. Currently, Vu Lam Palace belongs to Trang An World Heritage Complex, a part of the area located deep in Trang An mountain range is put into tourism exploitation.

Upon arriving at Vu Lam Palace, visitors will experience the close connection with the nature, feel the beauty of the stone caves on the boats carried by the people here to drop their souls, spread their hearts to enjoy the tranquil moments of wonderful harmony together with heaven and earth to experience the golden historical values of the past.
Photos: Xuan Lam
source: Ngoc Anh - TPC
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